Frequently Asked Questions

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Aeloop Bot welcomes all brokers and salespersons/agents. We validate brokers with their PRC license while salespersons/ agents are validated by their supervising brokers.

Aeloop is an Multiple Listing Site that caters to brokers and agents only. Please get in touch with an Aeloop-registered broker. For brokers and agents, please scan the QR code to join Aeloop.

Aeloop Bot is designed to maximize Viber messaging app in listing and searching for properties. It is perfect for Aeloop brokers always on the go. Any listing entered thru website or Viber chatbot is automatically synced to Brokers/agent can access all listings and requirements in Excel-like feature when logged in to By subscribing to Aeloop Bot, you will receive new listings at exactly 9 am and 5 pm everyday, with all listings sorted by cities and property types by Aeloop Bot.

From Aeloop Bot, go to My Account->My Salespersons -> Confirm Salesperson

From Aeloop Bot, go to My Account->My Salespersons -> Remove Salesperson

There is no limit as to the number of properties you can submit. The more properties you post, the greater number of closings you will get.

1. The Listing Broker must only post properties that are direct listings. 2. Listings by salespersons/agents carry the name of the broker and the broker must have supervision on the activities of the salesperson/agent and takes full responsibility for their postings. 3.Professionalism is expected from Aeloop Brokers/agents. Do not enlist a listing without authority of owner or SPA. 4. Uploaded pictures must not have contact information or watermarks that identify the Broker/Agent.

Because this is an MLS, there should not be any watermark that will identify the broker/agent name or contact information. Violation of this will remove property from system and grounds for user account evaluation. Photos are required in enlisting properties. We understand that in some cases when confidential listings are involved, interior photos of the property or google map showing vicinity is sufficient.

Ask Bot under My Account-> Aeloop Bot -> You will see all the listings and requirements sorted by brokers and clients.

Aeloop Bot’s features are specially designed to give you a hassle-free experience, especially when searching for properties. To get started, click on the “I’m looking for a property” button and tell her your real estate requirements. You can also have all the listings when you log-in to

Congratulations! Kindly access “Submissions” in Viber Bot and delete the property. There is also a Delete button when logged in to Aeloop website.

Kindly click on the “Submissions” button under “My Account” to edit the properties. There is also an Edit button when logged in to Aeloop website.

Definitely! Viber mobile and Viber desktop are just the same. To install Viber for Desktop, you can download here:

[Coming soon] Aeloop Bot listings are cross-listed in website and watch out for future channels: 1. Aeloop FB Group - Aeloop MLS Official 2. Aeloop FB Page- Aeloop Official Real Estate Listings 3. Aeloop Instagram Page- Aeloop MLS

Definitely! Just use the Drop a Feedback button and send this message "I wish to opt out of automated cross-listing to FB and Instagram." and we will exclude your listings from automation.

After period of inactivity, Aeloop Bot needs some time to "wake up". It should not take more than 30 seconds!

Easy peasy, just type "menu" anywhere and Aeloop Bot will bring you to main menu.

We welcome partnerships with developers to spread information about your projects to our Aeloop brokers/agents. Please visit for more information.

You may forward Aeloop Bot directly from Viber app or share this link to them:

There is a feedback button under My Account. Submit your report with as much details and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

For users already subscribed to Aeloop Bot, there is a feedback button under My Account. Furthermore, our support team is always ready to help you, just send us a message at